Not For Girls?

Now, I enjoy the arcane pleasures attainable through the seemingly humble Raisin & Biscuit Yorkie.

Indeed, I probably enjoy them as much as the next man.

And that, dear readers, is the problem.

I know “people” who are put off by the blatant sexism in the ad: “It’s Not For Girls” [and, my favourite one in tastelessness: “Don’t Feed The Birds”.].

[The Yorkie – in 3 flavours: Plain, Raisin & Biscuit, and Suffrage.]

Of course, a mere slogan shouldn’t put off potential masticaters from the joys of a good Yorkie [although Naomi Klein would definitely disagree], but that’s why I’m here.

Ladies [and any identity-confused gentlemen who feel persecuted by the oppressive Yorkie], I can help.
The Yorkie is a milestone.

[not the Honeycomb Yorkie, though. They’re rubbish.]

It is purely a rite of passage, for girls making the first tentative, wavering steps into womanhood. Yes, when the My Little Pony won’t cut the mustard* anymore, face the fear, girls, and pick up a Yorkie.

*the mental image this conjures up is just too funny to articulate.

Anyone convinced? NO?

Well, I tried. It is ridiculous, though, to be put off by a ‘Not For Girls’ sign.

Supposing men were put off by the “Makeup: for girls” slogan. Then we wouldn’t have The Cure.



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