Provocation: A How-To Guide

Paris Hilton.

The exacerbation this results in is quite extraordinary. She is evil personified. The one ‘thing’ guaranteed to boil my blood.

[“Look, let’s madden John.” A sentence that could double as a rare example of Yoda commenting on the NFL.]

Phew, are you glad I managed to find time to make such a valuable, epochal viewpoint, boys and girls?

Enough nonsense, I need some sleep.



Filed under irreverence

3 responses to “Provocation: A How-To Guide

  1. He's Dead, Jim.

    You think that’s amazing? I just drank five litres of Lipton Iced Tea!!!!

  2. He's Dead Jim.

    I am annoyed at the lack of attention being given to me.

  3. John Gregson

    Then, Ed, may I suggest not posting comments on an obscure blog? Any attention given will be a greatly diminished return for the effort you’ve put in.
    Think how I feel?! I slave for minutes, literally minutes, over my keyboard, mangling sentences. And for what? WHAT?! That’s not me on the cover of ‘Time’. No siree-bob. Do I complain about it? No. Except for now, when the answer to the seemingly rhetorical question would be a resounding “Hell yes”.
    To respond to your first comment: That quantity of Iced Tea must be doing relays on your tract. Quite a ‘tract & field’ event.

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