Daylight? Whit?

Thanks to a medically-inadvised combination of revising my website (having to learn Dreamweaver, Flash, and all the assorted gubbins that go with being ‘a bit of a geek’) and studying Popper ‘cello pieces on the guitar (for personal use only, I dread the unfortunate audience that’d have to sit through such a concert), I’m really not seeing a lot of sunlight at the moment. Thank any unspecified deities then that the weather up in Scotland has been poorer than the scriptwriting for ‘Will & Grace’.
And with analogies of that standard, I may just be asked to join their writing staff.


I’m also on a mission to prove that watching Futurama ad nauseam increases brain power and muscle tone ten-fold. Let’s just say that I’m an optimist.

[Addendum, purely to emulate any MySpace contemporaries]:
Currently listening to an obscene amount of John McLaughlin, after his ‘Remember Shakti’ gig at The Sage left my jaw suffering adversely from the affects of gravity.


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