Madchester Passion

On Good Friday, April 14th 2006, the people of Manchester gathered around Albert Square to witness a very special spiritual event.

You see, among them, witnessing the re-telling of the Passion, was a person of grace – benevolence and forgiveness defined. The personification of all that is Good and Holy, deigning to spend time to pardon sinners and Grace those with His presence:


Anyway, besides me endlessly hogging the limelight, the BBC did manage to put on a gripping and powerful show. Not enough of me, though.

[Incidentally, I was part of the ‘invitation only’ section, rather hilariously dubbed ‘The Golden Circle’ by the BBC. Long story, which doesn’t involve VIP passes, my own individual security guard, or amorous sojourns with Claudia Schiffer, so I won’t elaborate.]

My reason for going, I hear you contemplating the thought about asking?

My brother [“Peter”] was playing ‘cello in the orchestra, who, under the vibrant command of Philip Sheppard, grooved most resolutely. Thoroughly splendid performances abounded. Eeh, flesh and blood.

Anyone catch the show? Thoughts? As I’m running out, any spare punctuation?


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