Pain of Salvation

This is purely in the interest of variety, you understand, but here’s a fairly serious post.

I bought ‘BE’ [the concept album by Swedish prog-metal band Pain of Salvation] when it came out [late 2004]. Great album, with some interesting ideas presented.
Ditto the stage show DVD, released mid-2005. Some fine stuff.

But only recently have I really listened to it.

As a result of writing/talking on the topic of ‘BE’, I’ve had to seriously analyse the concepts and messages contained within it. Although I didn’t need much prompting, I’ve been voraciously reading the works of Sagan, Dawkins (…ahem), Singh, Gleick [he of the book on ‘Chaos’], and many others [including a painfully slow trawl through Satre’s ‘Being & Nothingness’. For a book about nothing, it’s fairly heavy.]. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable to ‘force’ myself to learn so much.

As with any intellectual marathon, the information takes time to assimilate, like a dutifully forming pint of Guinness. Mmmmm.

Anyway, I was listening to ‘BE’ last night [with the benefit of all this knowledge of the themes etc.]. What a difference! Seriously, the work expands exponentially when you really engage with it – it was profoundly moving, actually. There’s no sense of intellectual elitisim with Daniel Gildenlow’s presentation, more a real enthusiasm to share his theories of theism, creation and the possible fractal nature of the future [for those that know the album, I mean the relation between Animae and Imago, in the creation of Deus Nova. Slightly dodgy Latin, I know, but I’m working with the monikers used on ‘BE’. Honest.]

So, 1 thumb up.*

*I’m typing with one hand, so it would normally by 2 thumbs up. Please excuse the confusion.

Any questions? Any blindingly lucid flashes of insight you’d care to share/berate me with? Please e-mail me!
I’m off to have another listen…


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  1. He's Dead Jim.

    If i tell you, you will undoubtably kill me anyway, so i fail to see the point.

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