A Smooth Operation

…I’m not sur…um…am I?…maybe, er, actually…hmmm…it could be that…no…

Nope, I’ve definitely ruined my hearing.

Ah, but to the strains of “Revolution Calling”, that is a privelege, not a chore! Yes, readers, Queensryche* rocked my world. Allow me to continue while you voraciously attempt to purge your thoughts of such a double-entendre.

*I’m sufficiently mature enough now to view the ‘rock umlaut’ as a throwback to a time when Spinal Tap wasn’t funny, it was just a documentary.

Operation:Mindcrime, played as a single entity, came to Manchester last Sunday. Actually, I’m spending a bit of time in Manchester these days, aren’t I? Fascinating.

Anyhoo, although not a complete setting of O:MC I & II, it was an interesting dove-tailing of the narratives. I get the impression that, due to the whole weight of the Mindcrime legacy [I gather this is equivalent to holding a large seabird for nearly 10 years. But what do I know about zoology?], this show will probably not be repeated any time soon. Why the hell weren’t they filming?

A great experience, though. Your friend and mine, Sister Mary, made a full-length appearance throughout, AND we found out what really happened to Dr. X [not Dio, sadly. Commencing single tear.]. And the sight of a be-goateed Geoff Tate being perambulated in a wheelchair [while strapped into a straitjacket] singing ‘Eyes of a Stranger’, was one of the most bizarre, yet appropriately melodramatic visions to grace a stage.

Great band performances throughout, though I still hold reservations about latest addition, guitarist Mike Stone. Yes, I KNOW Chris DeGarmo isn’t coming back. I’m at peace with THAT. It’s just…there just doesn’t seem to be any passion [heck, any reason] in his playing. Which is a great shame, as he looks 100% proof rock star. And, yes, I’m in no position to judge, given he’s touring with a resurrected hair metal band, and I’m ‘blogging.

But, minor gripes [and it is but a minor gripe, I assure you] aside, serious backside was kicked that night. Particularly enchanted by the rhythm section. Solid, solid stuff. For some reason, I just can’t remember how the evening started. How odd.

But, it does serve as a suitable warm-up for the ensuing concert-going experience. My neck will be limber enough to head-bang for hours at…er…The Eagles. Incidentally, also in Manchester. Can I get a season ticket?

Oh, actually, I remember now…


P.S. Oh, my ears are fine, now. Thanks for such overwhelming concern.


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