Walk The Line

Following the last post, I realised that I still hadn’t seen the recent Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line. This was a recalcitrance that had to be hastily rectified!

Well, the end credits have just rolled, and I’m stunned. Really moved – what a truly superb piece of cinema. So uplifiting, with a good dose of real heartbreak just to level the playing field.

Despite much disappointment that Robert Patrick didn’t reprise his role as T-1000 and turn into a puddle, Joaquin Phoenix really did a stunning job of playing Cash – I get the impression the role was tough emotionally as well as technically, given his own unfortunate past. Genuine passion, rarely seen on the screen.

And, yes, the film just validated my complete adoration of Reese Witherspoon. I mean, how can you not love that woman?

This post is really undermining my normal stance of cynical in extremis, but dammit I enjoyed it!



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