International Guitar Festival 2006

It’s been a truly hectic week down South, but I think I’ve just about recovered. Although my fingers are rueing the day I introduced them to Ab13#5.

I’ve been teaching ‘Jazz Fusion’ at the International Guitar Festival in Bath, with the truly superb Mr. Pete Callard. And what a time we all had.

The IGF has been a source of some of the most valuable musical education I’ve ever received, so it’s been fantastic to join the ranks of the educators, and impart much misinformation, with nary a hint of musical taste in evidence.

I’ve been fortunate now to meet some of the (in my opinion) greatest guitarists around today through this festival. Everyone bangs on about Satch this, Vai that, ad infinitum, but the wealth of talent and individuality present in the educational sphere is ridiculous.
I mean, look at some of the teachers on the course over the years: Guthrie Govan, Stuart Ryan, John Wheatcroft, and my main man Pete Callard. All top-line musicians (and these are just a microcosm of all the great people involved), who are on a level with any famous musician you could name. So, the chances I (and others) have had to meet these people and just marvel at their collective abilities have been invaluable.

Here’s a photo of our Jazz class [click for full-size]

Lovely people, with an excellent choice in teachers.

And the people writing on the whiteboard:

[again, click for full-size glory]

So, all in all, a great week.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there next time!


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