Hot Fuzz

“One of these days, Alice, one of these days”…I’ll remember that this really should be a music blog.

Until then, let me tell you about the film I saw tonight.

Stop yawning.

There were a number of reasons for seeing Hot Fuzz – I’m a huge fan of Spaced, and pretty much anything with Simon Pegg in is A-OK with me.

But my favourite reason was the location for the film. Shot in glorious technicolour in Wells, Somerset – a great locale for a tale of derring-do, mystery, intrique and a flipping great swan.

Given that I currently work and reside in Wells (pop in and visit!), this proved quite entertaining in itself – fer instance, the front and back shots of Somerfield were in Wells, but the interior shots weren’t. You read it here first. Probably.

The realities of Wells becoming a celebrity hot spot are slowly becoming apparent (since I’ve arrived, I’m always signing autographs for tourists*), none more-so when, on my way to pick up my daily apricot danish and coffee from Goodfellows, I bumped into Nick Frost.

Yup, the life of a guitarist.

*But then again, I do bear an uncanny resemblence to David Hyde Pierce.**

**And if you still seriously believe that I spend my spare time signing autographs, you’re even more delusional than I.

Incidentally, I feel I should point out, for the good of the tourist industry of Mendip, that Wells isn’t quite as ‘League of Gentlemen’-esque as the film made out. We can pronounce ‘London’. Honest.

Right, next post, I promise, will be on music. In the meantime, go and watch Hot Fuzz, and have a giggle.


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