The elusive search for the perfect Title.

Pardon my selfishness, people – you must have been waiting at your desks for quite an interminable period for this entry!

One of the great joys of a 1/2 term holiday (besides wearing something other than a suit, for a change) is the amount of time it allows to fritter away on the Internet.
So, as a result of my slack-jawed trawling, please check out the following video:

[People playing ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ may be interested to note that it’s the same Mr. Hewitt Jones who composed The Blue ‘Cello concerto for my brother, Peter Gregson – such is the exalted company I keep]

Please check out more of his videos on the site, he’s a truly superb and multi-faceted musician.


P.S. Also, spent the day absorbing the new Planet X album, ‘Quantum’! Donati, Garsed, Holdsworth…a veritable treasure-trove of grand musicianship, and some of the most ridiculous metric modulation ideas this side of Gavin Harrison. Worth buying just to play my favourite party game, “Pin the tail on the Downbeat.”


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