As the Waveform collapses…

The above: enigmatic labelling? Or blatant attention-hijacking for passing quantum physicists?

Now rattling around Scotland after a hectic year in Wells, I’ve found my wanton amounts of spare time FILLED TO THE RAFTERS with the delights of a new Boss Loop Station pedal.
Seriously, they could market this baby as TimeTravel-in-a-box. You start fiddling in the morning, and before you know it, it’s “News at 10”.

I’m a tad sceptical of the annual influx of NAMM-paraded gadgets flowing out of the guitar industry, but it’s really refreshing to find a toy that REALLY sparks creativity, rather than just another damn signature on the same old box (does anyone else remember when Marshall used to boast that they never gave artist endorsements?).

Anyway, if your playing is in a bit of a rut, and you just need to have more FUN when practicing, try looking out some new equipment.

“Sorry, darling, I KNOW we need a new transmission, but this John fellow – oh, you remember? The bloke from the Internet – he says I HAVE to buy new equipment – hey, HE said it, not me! – so, I mean – we’ve been OVER THIS, it’s not a question of WANT – I was TOLD to buy this Eventide Harmoniser.

And so on.


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