New Term – New Inspirations

I’m aware that the title may conjure images of some sort of Deepak Chopra-esque LifeCoach blog.

I will never, EVER, do anything as morally reprehensible as that.

Unless it becomes profitable.

So, until then, let me fill you in on some things.

Firstly, the International Guitar Festival was a huge success this year. Week 1, I had the great pleasure of working with the ridiculously skilled guitarist Dario Cortese – an absolute joy of a week! Please check out his work in Guitar Techniques magazine, and his MySpace rendition of Brent Mason’s ‘Hot Wired’. Dario has now got me completely obsessed with transcribing Brad Paisley songs – so if any of you see me even less than usual, that’s probably why.

Week 2 was the inauguration of the Rock Camp initiative, for which I thoroughly enjoyed leading the Extreme Rock course. Big kudos go to all in the class – they thoroughly RAWKED in the Student Concert, a great testament to the work they put in over the week.

It was, as usual, lovely to meet new musicians, and catch up with old friends – jamming the hours away in the Student Union. Always fun.

And the daily ‘Thrill Is Gone’ jams with a certain Martin Goulding will go down in the annals of infamy…

Meanwhile, just starting a new working term – always a good excuse to polish the playing chops.
I’ve found this video of Gavin Harrison particularly inspiring. For those who don’t know Gavin – he’s a drummer responsible for advancing the rhythmic pedagogy into the stratosphere. His development of multi-dimensional Rhythmic Illusions have to be heard and seen to be believed, and his work with (amongst others) Porcupine Tree, 05Ric and King Crimson constantly drive me to woodshed my own playing.

I’ve embedded a video of him playing an 05Ric composition that demonstrates his sheer musicality while playing ‘odd’ music, in addition to highlighting his beautifully smooth technical prowess.



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