Happy 2009!
Having had an exceedingly hectic Winter term (of my own design), I rewarded myself over the holiday with a gift.
I gave myself the luxury of avoiding e-mail.
So, this may explain why I’m only answering e-mails just now, why I’m doing a New Year’s Day post now, and why I feel so darn relaxed. Now and forever more, I hope.

The Panto (‘The Sleeping Beauty’) went exceptionally well, sold out every night, so thanks to everyone who turned up, and all those who worked so hard to make it a success. The band sounded (I’m reliably informed) fantastic, so huge thanks to our great MD Russell Collins.

This holiday period has also given me the chance to sample the wares of Blues Jam Tracks, a company set up by Guitarist magazine mainstays Jan Cyrka and Adrian Clark. They provide an absolutely marvellous service – high quality backing tracks, wonderful videos, and very accurate transcriptions of some rather finger-knotting solos from Guthrie Govan!
I don’t work for the company, so this is a highly impartial recommendation to give them a try.
Well, it’s kept my fingers warm over the Scottish winter, so they have to be good!

Thanks for reading, all the best for the year,

P.S. No Resolutions yet, except for a functioning V7-I 7-3. Will keep you posted if I come up with anything.

P.P.S I’m so sorry for that last joke.



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2 responses to “HALLO INTERNET IM BACK

  1. Adrian Clark

    Crikey, thanks for the recommendation, John!

  2. John Gregson

    Thanks for the great work, Adrian!

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