Normal? Normal?!

I really can’t stop listening to Ron Thal’s albums right now.

Over the weekend, I actually had Normal and Abnormal on repeat for about 5 hours straight – I love these albums.

How did this happen? One minute I was working on some Jim Hall transcription, and then…this…

I suppose it goes back to Chinese Democracy (I can’t believe I’m writing about that album in the PAST TENSE!), which re-piqued [I’m sure it’s a word, stop judging me] me interest in Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and his wacky fret-free, thimble-full output.

Anyway, if you’ve his earlier albums (such as the wonderful Hands and 9.11) you’ll know his perverse, technically mindblowing left-field playing.
But with Normal and Abnormal, which I only bought last month (the shame, it burns!), his command of melody and humour really come to the fore.
Plus, after transcribing his solo in ‘Turn Around’, I feel that my fret-hand tapping chops will never be the same again. That Ron has a clean technique.

But, listen to a track like ‘Simple Days’ and hear his control and taste, both on guitar and in composition. Masterful.

A wonderful introduction to a much valued talent on our instrument – Mr. Thal, I salute you!

Now, where’s me thimble?

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