Inspired by this wonderful Googlewhack-inspired post from the xkcd blag, I’m trying to find some phrases that elicit NO responses from Google. Although anyone who can find a googol of responses will win some sort of prize (maybe a copy of my CD, should it ever be finished. The probability is roughly the same for both).

The fun and entirely intentional irony of this is, once I post this, I will give the phrase a hit in Google (much like Randall’s Google Trends comic, where each spoof entry made it onto Google Trends due to all his readers googling the spoof). 
So, really, the goal is to create a memetic archive of the trans-mundane.

OK, let’s try:

john gregson is an alluringly attractive enigma” = 0 hits

john gregson is a handsome but unambitious Irish sanitation worker” = 8 hits

OK, see where I’m going with this?

Let’s delve into more esoteric territory:

everyone loves my Battlestar Galactica slash fic” = 0 hits (blessedly)

it’s easy to detect sarcasm on the Internet” = 2 hits

it’s hard to detect sarcasm on the Internet” = 415 hits (there we have it, 1-in-208 people are in the Internet elite)

i can’t find a single fault in windows vista” = 0 hits

the internet brings out the best in society” = 0 hits

the internet brings out the worst in society” = 2 hits (not as hilarious a dichotomy as I was expecting, but in the spirit of the scientific method, I must abandon my assumptions in face of the evidence…)

mail-order velociraptor” = 0 hits

godwin’s law is a useful rhetorical device” = 0 hits

john titor wasn’t a hoax” = 0 hits

john titor was a hoax” = 102 hits

only use google for good” = 0 hits

only use google for evil” = 3 hits

My favourite so far:

is this a meta-question?” = 0 hits

Any other good ones? Please post them here!

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