Biggin’ up Apple

I know, I know. I’m not a complete Apple Evangelist, but they are great.

For a start, I can run Logic Pro on my Macbook. Awesome.

But then, I started having issues with the optical drive & battery – and they fixed it instore for free! Gratis. If I had delusions of working towards the public good on this site, I might even say they did it pro bono¹.

I mean, that is GREAT customer service – which they can deliver given the nature of Apple being the sole manufacturer I s’pose, but still. Good on ’em. Bless their little cotton socks.

This is actually old news, since the repair was over 2 weeks ago, but every time I put in a disc and have it STAY IN THERE, I get a lovely feeling of human-cyborg relations², man and computer working towards a common goal.

Anthropomorphising is fun. At least until Cyberdyne’s prices become affordable.

[TOTH to xkcd as usual]

¹You don’t want to see what they’d do pro bonobo, but I’d imagine it’s frequent and sweaty.

²Yes, I should just have bought a protocol droid, I know. But they talk funny, and rust up like THAT.

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