Silence is the Enemy

I’ve become aware of a movement on the blogs, by the great writer & marine biologist Sheril Kirshenbaum way over at The Intersection, called Silence is the Enemy:

An International Rescue Committee survey suggests 12
percent of girls aged 17 and under acknowledged having been sexually abused in
some way over the previous 18 months. Further, of the 275 new sexual
violence cases treated Jan-April by Doctors Without Borders, 28 percent involve
children aged 4 or younger, and 33 percent involve children aged 5 through 12.
That’s 61% age 12 or under. We read about their plight and see the
figures, but it’s so easy to feel helpless to act in isolation. But these are
not statistics, they are girls. Together we can do more. Mass rape
persists because of inertia so let’s create momentum.

Her post references an excellent, though harrowing op-ed in the NY Times here. I’m sure, like me, you find this heart-breaking to read – I remember being physically sick when I watched The Accused.

Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy has a good piece on this, and Greg Laden has two. Yes, TWO.
Again, these stories aren’t for the faint-hearted, but awareness of this initiative must be spread.

There’s now a Facebook group, and a list of the blogging coalition in support.


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