This part of the World is a Stage.

It’s not very often you get to stand on a Glastonbury stage, throwing shapes and generally rocking out with a loud guitar in your hands.
Well, certainly not very often for me. But then I’m sort of the Niles Crane of the jazz fusion world, so that’s probably to be expected.

But here we are, on the stage, just done the soundcheck for the gig tonight – a fundraising, roofraising, hellraising rock extravaganza – hosted in the beautiful grounds of Wells Cathedral School (I know, I felt weird just typing that).

It’s all very picturesque here, glorious weather, and the stage is bona-fide Glastonbury stock.

What’s bizarre is that I was originally playing bass with this band – but due to some unfortunate illness problems with the lead guitarist late last night, some hasty rejigging has occurred, instruments swapped, new members recruited yadda-yadda-yadda, and now I’m playing lead guitar. With someone else’s rig, on a whole set of tunes (no charts) that I didn’t know the guitar parts to.

Anyway, so far, so rock’n’roll. Nothing new here. Soundcheck went well, all are in good spirits, tech folk are sunny and a delight to work with, AND we have a dry-ice machine.

So, I’m thoroughly looking forward to making some glorious noise tonight in front of the >1,000 people who’ve bought tickets. After a fussy trip down from London, I was admittedly expecting the worst (as those lovely people following me on Twitter will know all too well!).

But this could be a right good event.

To downsize Jon Bon Jovi’s epic pronouncement, I’ll see just over 1,000 faces, and I’ll rock at least 2/3rds of them.

UPDATE: The gig was a resounding success, the audience response was incredible (final attendance count was over 1300) – so huge thanks and over-enthusiastic hugs to all who worked, played, supported and cheered. And people who bought me drinks afterwards, you’re on the fast-track to sainthood.


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