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New single – Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of recording the tracks for Danielle Steers’ new album, of iconic songs by Jim Steinman.

Now, Danielle is well-known for her powerhouse performance in the musical Bat Out Of Hell, so it was an honour to continue that connection with this recording.

Before the whole album is released, the first single is out now, our rendition of the beautiful ballad Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad – which Danielle & I recorded live in the studio. Coming up with a solo acoustic arrangement of the piano part was an enjoyable task, and I was aiming for a James Taylor style mood for this take, using my Maton steel-string.

More information when I get it, but for now you can download the song here!

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Show Must Go On – Live at Abbey Road

Back in February I had the joy of recording live in Abbey Road’s palatial Studio 1 with the fantastic London Show Choir and some of the finest orchestral musicians in London. One of the pieces we performed was Queen’s epic The Show Must Go On, replete with both solos (huzzah!), at a rather hefty volume –

Big clogs to fill, and a real treat to do so.

I used my PRS Goldtop DGT, MXR CS Phase 90, Custom Tones TWE-1 & Paul C Timmy, and the Catalinbread Belle Epoch into my Victory V40 head & Creamback cab.


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‘Guitarist’ Magazine Interview

Alongside m’colleagues Andy Jones & Nico Sabatini, I had the honour of taking part in Guitarist Magazine’s Amp Modelling special, April 2017 issue 418.

We get together in their studio and have a chat and a shred through our units – I used my trusty Fractal Axe FX and JM-style from Eternal Guitars – we’re not comparing them as such, but looking at how they fit into our world of stage, theatre and studio work.

The video of the session is available on Facebook and YouTube, so put the kettle on and enjoy!

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Hadley Fraser’s “Just Let Go”

Delighted to announce the landing of troubadour & chap Hadley Fraser’s solo EP “Just Let Go” today.

Hadley & I worked on The Pajama Game last year in Chichester so it’s a treat to carry on music-making with the gent. As well as being the world-class actor & singer that he is, he’s a very fine guitarist as well.

Musically, it’s some lovely country-tinged tuneage, which has plenty of dobro, mandolin & banjo from this scribe.

Please check it out, and enjoy!

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‘Love Thing’ – New Recording

Gentle Internet Denizens, hello.

I bought a lovely Custom Audio Electronics wah the other day. It’s the closest I’ve found to the elusive (to me) wah tone Joe Satriani achieved on his gorgeous instrumental ‘Love Thing’.

To test it, I’ve recorded the same track, for a bit of fun. I love the way this pedal reacts to the phrasing, I hope it’s captured the same feel of the original.

Love Thing


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Updates, and video!

What-ho, all!
Crikey, been a while. Things have been busy around the start of the year, all fun & games and I’m still around. Just forgetting to update the site, really.

So here’s somethin’, a video from a workshop performance of ‘My Land’s Shore’ that I think is rather special:

Gorgeous arrangements and a lovely band. I used my Martin 000CX and an AER Compact 60 for all the strummage. Enjoy!

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Debut album from Idle Kings available NOW

Evening all,

Excited to announce the release of ‘Fireflies’, the debut album from the alt rock band Idle Kings. I can be heard playing misc. lead guitar bits and loud fuzzy chords throughout.

Listen to/buy ‘Fireflies’ here


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New Track – Gary Moore’s “The Loner” cover

Hey folks,

This morning I recorded a cover I’ve wanted to do for a while – it’s my tribute to Gary Moore, his track ‘The Loner’. The guitar world will miss his fantastic & inspiring playing.

I hope you enjoy my rendition, it’s a track that has been a big influence to me over the years:


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“Love Story” Cast CD available

Dear all,

It is with great pride that I can announce the Original London Cast recording of “Love Story” is now available! Currently you can pre-order it at Amazon and Dress Circle, or download it immediately from iTunes here.

We had an absolute blast recording the session at the no-introduction-needed Abbey Road studios, worth hearing for that alone!

Of course, for the ultimate convenient package, you could come to the Duchess Theatre in the West End and pick up a copy there after seeing the show!

It’s official: our limited run will conclude 26th February so please make sure you pop along before then for a chance to see this wonderful show. The chamber music setting makes the guitar chair a delightful challenge, and everyone involved is thrilled to be involved in such a classy, individual show in town.

Hope to see you there one last time!


"Love Story" CD Session at Abbey Road

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“Soloing Concepts” videos

Dear all, I’ve started a series of tuitional videos on YouTube under the banner ‘Soloing Concepts’. This is going to be a continuing series of developing ideas that are designed to give you some concepts to apply to your playing and practice.

Part 1: Combining Disciplines

Part 2: Harmonic Variations

Part 3: Rhythmic Variations 1 , Rhythmic Variations 2

There are quite a few more in the pipeline, so please subscribe to my channel for updates!

Thanks for watching.


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