Here is a collection of lessons & transcriptions that will be added to over time. Often these are supplementary materials for video lessons, and are free for use provided they are attributed to this site.

Soloing Concepts Series

Part 1: Combining Disciplines

Part 2: Harmonic Variations

Part 3: Rhythmic Variations 1Rhythmic Variations 2

Technique Studies

Advanced Tapping & Sweeping Study (9th September 2009)

Here is a study designed to develop both technical facility (in tapping, sweeping, and frethand tapping) and fretboard knowledge (diatonic arpeggios) concurrently.

It is a supplement to my tuitional video found here on YouTube.

Take this study, apply it to other major keys, and then try it on melodic & harmonic minors to really test your knowledge of the fingerboard!